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Meetings Incentives Conferences Exhibitions/Events

    Business tourism
    • development of individual programs
    • organization of all kinds of business activities of any complexity considering the branch, personnel and other business features
    • development of an individual plan of the project management, of the program of the event, including business meetings, local events, banquets and gala dinners; selection of speakers, experts in any field of business and education


    Considering the objectives of the event and the budget, list and personal characteristics of participants, we offer a lot of interesting opportunities for recreation and motivation of the team:
    nature tours: fishing, rafting, diving, jeep safari, archery, etc.
    sports tours: golf, horse riding, sailing and regattas, cycling, basketball, football, volleyball, climbing, etc.
    agrotours: visiting traditional Greek villages and farms in order to get acquainted with the traditions and customs of the local people
    gourmet tours: visiting traditional wineries, cheese dairies, creameries, taverns, cellars; tastings
    weekend tours, presentations


    Our company has many years of experience in organizing events of any scale: international festivals, children's art festivals, competitions, concerts, sports events, corporate events, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, carnivals, etc.

    We develop the concept of the event, write the scenario, select and order additional services (actors, hosts, dancers, equipment rentals, etc.), decorate the venue of the program, produce and distribute advertising materials, provide control and coordination, as well as analyze the effectiveness of the event for our clients.


    The company Active MICE Mouzenidis Group offers original ideas for teambuilding, taking into account specific features of the staff. In the process of preparation of the project at all stages we constantly communicate with the client, the departments responsible for company’s culture and internal environment (usually HR or PR departments). In our work we try to apply innovative methods and techniques in organizing teambuilding activities.


    ACTIVE MICE MOUZENIDIS GROUP offers you a range of activities related to yachting: regattas, corporate events (presentations, business meetings and seminars on board a yacht, team-building, various corporate land and water), parties and gala dinners.
    We will prepare for you an individual route and professional yacht crews will ensure a pleasant and safe journey.


    VIP services need no special advertising. These services are designed for those who appreciate comfort, style and time. We offer a wide range of exclusive services: VIP services at Macedonia International Airport of Thessaloniki (on arrival and departure), transfers, accommodation, leisure, shopping and much more.


Teambuilding In search of the stolen beauty

Region: Corfu
Dates: May - October
Price: from 120 €
The program offered by Active Mice Mouzenidis Group, will allow you to plunge into a new and wonderful world of entertainment together with your colleagues, to get to know the natural beauty of the island of Corfu, to get acquainted with its history, traditions and mythology.

• creation of an atmosphere of informal communication
• team building
• development of team spirit and teamwork skills
• identifying leaders
• stress relief.

All team building participants are divided into teams, which start with an interval of 15 minutes on the predetermined route.
The routes are designed in such a way as to avoid simultaneous visits of two or more teams to the same point, taking into consideration the time needed to overcome a certain distance.

Jeep Safari program:

• Pottery class on creating the legendary Pythagoras cup.
• Tasting competition in identifying kumquat jam.
• Boating to a certain point in the bay.
• Speed competition "The search for a mascot." Each team must find the treasure with a hidden statue of the character of ancient myths, whose name was given to the team.
• Show cooking in the tavern: learning to cook traditional dishes of Corfu: tzatziki, tiropitakia, Greek salad.

The cost of the program from 120 € per person

Minimum number of participants: 12 people
Maximum number of participants: 50 people

The cost includes:
• Professional driver;
• Coordinator;
• Instructor from Active Mice Mouzenidis Group;
• Medals, trophies.

The cost doesn’t include:
• Lunch in a tavern;
• Photo and video shooting;
• Caps, T-shirts, souvenirs;
•  Jeep branding